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Medical Supply Chain is a worldwide provider of web-based supply chain solutions targeting health care communities and their trading partners. Privately held, the company was founded in May of 2000 with a mission to deliver enabling supply chain technology in health care. The company products are completely hosted and built entirely on applications and services that combine simplicity and power. These applications and services are rapidly deployed through training, management and certification programs delivering a much more cost efficient alternative to EDI.   

MSCís business model is built on one simple premise: health systems will never have the financial ability to fully serve their communities without unleashing the power of their supply chain. They can never unleash the power of their supply chain until they can efficiently manage their supply chain activities by capturing their own purchasing data and effectively leverage that data to force lower supply cost and eliminate inefficiencies.

MSC is not owned, controlled or invested in by any existing health care GPO, manufacturer or distributor. MSC is and will remain committed to supporting health systems increase their leverage for lower operational cost. If you participate in the health care market and are looking for a genuine partner that is committed to your supply chain initiatives contact MSC at:

Medical Supply Chain
Phone: 816.507.1328

To request additional information concerning strategic, private or institutional opportunities please email:

"MSC Is The Leader In Supply Chain Cost Containment Solution For Health Care"  

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