“Empowering Health Systems, Optimizing Supply Chain Results”

Medical Supply Chain

As you take a moment and browse through our web site you will find something extremely unique about our company; we really are committed to serving health care communities with the latest technologies and services that reduce supply chain cost and increase efficiencies among equipment and supply manufacturers.

Medical Supply Chain has developed technologies and services that Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) among other industry leaders acknowledge will save health care Billion’s of dollars annually. How do we know this? We know because GPO’s, Distributors and Technology Companies have been telling Health Care Providers for the past 30 years how much they save them, but every year technologies, equipment and supplies continue to rise at the expense of patient care.

Shortly after e-commerce companies emerged in the health care arena, GPO’s and Distributors rushed in and acquired interest in these companies to minimize the threat technology would have on their market control and profits. As if this wasn’t enough, they also used their influence to keep potential competitors from entering the market and thus maintaining their stranglehold on competition, distribution and profits.

Their influence extended to financial firms who they persuaded to limit investments in potential competitors which has kept their profits and stock prices souring. GPO’s, and Distributors continue to exploit free and open markets to improve their own position in health care yet don’t seem willing to allow health care providers to do the same.  Unfortunately our health care providers know very little about the latest technologies and services that make GPO’s and distributors obsolete. WHY?

Health care providers can no longer tolerate this abhorrent situation and as a result fail to gain any significant or sustainable cost reduction in the products and services that they purchase. What health systems need most is to regain control over their supply chain and exploit the competitive opportunities that inherently exist with new markets, technologies and logistic services. MSC “Empowers” the solutions that health systems need to lower supply chain costs.

The mission of MSC is simple, empower supply chain solutions that health systems need and can rely on.  Just point and click Here to learn more about Medical Supply Chain.

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