The Only Open-Source Open-Enrollment Medical Supply Marketplace You Will Ever Need.

According to U.S. Government Accounting Services, Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) and Medical Distributor contracting schemes have been obsolete for more than 20 years. "ReadMore"

Have you ever wondered as a healthcare professional or consumer patient why you can not purchase life saving products, equipment and interventions direct from the manufacturers who actually make these products? Have you ever wondered why there are "Shortages" or "Out of Stock" for prescription drugs, baby formula, medical products and equipment? The answer is Simple!

Over the years U.S. companies that make life saving products, equipment and interventions now make them overseas to protect their inflated profits with lower foreign labor costs.

Additionally, artificial inflating contract schemes from GPO’s & Medical Distributors who use rebates, kickbacks and multiple channel fees also protect high profits and keep competition out.

Medical Supply Chain's Open-Source Open-Enrollment marketplace is the gold standard for providing direct access cost reductions for medical products, equipment and intervention.

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This Global Platform Technology Serves Manufacturers And Suppliers With The Tools To Reach Customers World Wide.

Medical Supply Chain’s story starts with U.S. Senate Testimony from 2002 - 2006 against the monopolization practices of hospital supply GPOs and Distributors who artificially inflate supply costs to Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Physician Offices. Following 2002 - 2006 U.S. Senate Judiciary Hearings the False Claims Act (the “FCA”) was amended when the U.S. Congress passed the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act (“FERA”), and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA) that changed to the FCA in the health care sector so that indirect federal fund recipients including hospital supply GPOs and Distributors would be liable for the artificial hospital supply cost inflation fraud detailed in witness testimony. "Read More"

Following the testimony and litigation the sole purpose of Medical Supply Chain is to provide direct access to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physician Offices and Consumer Patients with life saving products, devices and interventions direct from manufacturers and suppliers without any artificial inflation schemes from GPO’s or Distribution middlemen.

The only requirement to sell medical products, devices and interventions on this global platform is the ability to drop ship to your existing Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physician Offices or Consumer Patients.

Contracting schemes are no longer necessary to sell and service your customers directly when you control the entire sale and service transaction.

Just tell your manufacturers and suppliers to get on board with Medical Supply Chain because you can’t save lives when you don’t have access to affordable healthcare products.

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