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"Medical Supply Chain Delivers Cost Containment For Health Care Providers" 

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What We Do?

Medical Supply Chain empowers health care providers with medical equipment and supply manufacturers world wide.

When covid exposed the global health care supply chain and the antiquated discount contracting schemes leaving many health care providers without patient supplies, MSC’s founder came out of retirement and personally commissioned a new fully functional turn-key enterprise suite of supply chain tools. These tools integrate, aggregate and consolidate existing technologies and product offerings for medical equipment and supply manufacturers of all sizes and specialties.

Now that AI and International logistics services have reached critical mass globally, warehousing billions of dollars in large quantities of medical equipment and supplies is no longer a value proposition for integrated delivery networks or stocking wholesalers. International manufacturers can now integrate, aggregate and consolidate product offerings through a single technology platform and at a fraction of the cost wasted by antiquated contract schemes, warehousing and delivery systems. To learn more Contact Us

Medical Supply Distribution

Our Mission?

Prior to the global pandemic of Covid-19 health care communities were unaware how fragile their supply chain’s are or how they could lose family, friends and patients due to a lack of life saving medical equipment and supplies.

To solve this problem MSC developed an open-source open-enrollment technology platform that integrates, aggregates and consolidates medical products worldwide.

The benefit of this development provides health care communities with a non competing neutral supply chain alternative to the antiquated mark up discount models used by GPO’s and distributors that compounded many of the supply chain problems during Covid-19.

The mission is simple, health care providers now have a choice between the antiquated mark up discount model used by GPO’s and distributors or the more efficient direct procurement model with global manufacturers that guarantee access to medical equipment and supply manufacturers when you need them most.

Do you really want to depend on a third party deciding what medical equipment and supplies your family, friends and patients need? To Learn More Contact Us

Medical Supply Chain Technology

Company History?

Growing up with family owned businesses and participating with group purchasing organization to serve mass-merchandisers, automotive wholesalers and grocery distributors, MSC’s founder mastered an appreciation for integrated supply chain’s before turning that experience to health care in the mid 1990’s consulting with Bell Lab’s on some of the first health care information systems (HIS).

Recognizing the need for integrated supply chains in health care, MSC’s founder developed his first Medical Supply Information System (MSIS) software and joined three of the largest GPO’s.

Because the software was so successful it was then integrated on-line as the first medical supply chain platform and adopted as an industry standard but misused by GPO’s to monopolize their discount contracting services; investigated from 2002 – 2006 by Senate Judiciary Sub Committees on Anti-Trust. “Hospital Group Purchasing: Lowering Costs at the Expense of Patient Health and Medical Innovations”

When Covid-19 exposed the misuse and logistic delays of discount contracting models, MSC’s founder decided to relaunch his technology platform utilizing the latest supply chain technologies and services. To Learn More Contact Us

“Medical Supply Chain Delivers Cost Containment For Health Care Providers”