About Us

"Medical Supply Chain Serves International Healthcare Markets With Direct Factory Pricing"

What We Really Do?

Medical Supply Chain empowers medical equipment and supply manufacturers with direct fulfillment for international markets of health systems, nursing homes and clinic practitioners.

As a neutral supply chain platform, the company open-source open-enrollment technologies does not compete directly or indirectly with existing suppliers but rather empowers direct factory pricing for larger order requirements saving health systems, nursing homes and clinics billions from contracting schemes and partnerships with no value add compared to direct pricing from the manufacturers.

When manufacturers are empowered with control over their pricing they generate greater savings and profits that can be directed to better resource management, channel partner development and production capacity for their customers resulting in more efficient market share, institutional care and savings for their direct customers.

Our Vision

Before the global pandemic of Covid, no one knew how fragile the worlds medical supply chain was or that our family members, friends and patients could actually die from a lack of access to life saving medical equipment supplies and interventions.

Now because Medical Supply Chain brings global markets direct access to the world’s equipment and supply manufacturers no one will be caught unable to source life saving products for the worlds health systems, nursing homes and speciality clinics.

History of Beginning

Forty years ago consumers, doctors and medical professionals did not know the benefits ecommerce could bring in opening market access or that electronic marketplaces could displace traditional retail stores, wholesalers and distribution channels.

But, while setting up and installing accounting systems for hospitals, nursing homes and physician offices the founder of Medical Supply Chain recognized how ecommerce technologies from other markets could actually benefit healthcare.

In May of 2000, the first true medical supply marketplace was launched and today this same technology is being used to bring medical equipment and supply manufacturers direct to health systems, nursing homes and speciality clinics world wide.