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Web Services 



MSC web services are rapidly deployed through technologies that combine proven communications with supply chain applications training, certification and management. MSC customers benefit from a rare combination of power and simplicity that manifests itself from registration through implementation and beyond to full deployment. While most companies force customers to spend huge sums of money only to be handed a do it yourself experiment that never produces the promised results, MSC has built a high performance supply chain platform with all the extras that can be paid for ďas-you-goĒ. Assessment, development, implementation, training, support and maintenance all come as standard services. Remember when you purchased your last technology only to find it cost more to implement than the technology itself. Well, not any more! The only requirement for MSC services is the willingness to control and reduce supply chain cost. "Now, Thatís Empowerment!"

Assessments are crucial in establishing expectations between buyer and seller relationships. This is where MSC begins its web based services. We then follow the assessment process with an all inclusive supply chain training and management certification (SC Management CertificationTM ) program. This focused approach dramatically improves visibility and transparency during the initial phase of implementation and accelerates adoption schedules. The balance of certification gives way to the nuances of technology from a hands on approach with unlimited support and maintenance. These combined tools provide a certification knowledge of the health care market, the strategies that are required to produce sustainable results, the technology that will support it, how it works, why it works and most importantly how to maintain it.

MSCís technology applications fully deployed capture valuable data in support of procurement, fulfillment, inventory, logistics, and settlement activities. All of the applications below can be deployed in modular form or in many cases (e.g. MRP) can be used as a complete tool to add to whatever in-house technologies that may already exist. In other cases, these services may be used to add a collaborative process or to represent an internal or external system (ERP, for example). This allows for the user of these services to integrate their legacy system, while always providing supply chain partners (buyer or supplier) the option of integrating or using a web browser for access. For example, a hospital buyer may extend (connect) these services to one or more of their suppliers while a supplier may extend these services to one or more of their buyers interactively, in real time and regardless of scalability, product category or available IT infrastructure.

This unique combination of supply chain enablement truly sets MSC apart as an industry leader.

  • AV Webinars TM
  • AV Conferencing TM
  • AV Mail TM
  • AV Intercom TM
  • Enablement programs
  • EDI replacement, extension or alternative
  • Transaction events
  • Contract pricing management
  • SKU normalization and catalog management
  • Sourcing including RFQ, reverse auctions
  • RFQ transaction acceptance and integration
  • PO transaction management and integration
  • PO requisition management and integration
  • Product availability (ATP) checking
  • Sales order management
  • Supply order tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory allocation and reorder events
  • Vendor (supplier) managed inventory (VMI)
  • Inventory costing
  • Demand forecasting
  • Replenishment events
  • Distributed picking
  • Shipping and transportation management
  • Distributed receiving
  • Custom invoicing
  • Collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR) integration
  • Batched or Real-time Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) integration
  • Accounting rollup and chart of accounts standardization integration
  • Basic supply chain related G/L, A/R, A/P integration
  • Clearing and settlement integration

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